01 March, 2021

Munni’s Darlings Sell The Silver

The leaks expose Pakistan’s double game, tarnishes leaders

Munni’s Darlings Sell The Silver

Why Pakistanis Are Hopping Mad

  • Gen Kayani wanted to depose Zardari. Has provided bases for US drones and allowed the special forces to operate in the tribal areas.
  • Nearly allowed the US to take out spent fuelcontaining uranium from Pakistan’s nuclear facility
  • ISI maintains links with Israel
  • Zardari said he wouldn’t make any political move without consulting the US, promised to grant Musharraf immunity from prosecution
  • Gilani says he would protest the US drone attacks in Pakistan but later forgets about it


From the time WikiLeaks began to out the diplomatic cables, watching TV news has become akin to viewing Bollywood political satires. The anchor’s announcement of every WikiLeaks cable pertaining to Pakistan is accompanied by old footage of former US ambassador Anne Patterson meeting President Asif Ali Zardari or Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani or army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez...

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