22 January, 2021

Mumbai Diary

Heard of MAMIL? For me, it stands for Middle-aged Mumbaikars in Lycra.

Mumbai Diary

Up in the Air

I voted from Mumbai for the first time during these last national elections and I was genuinely impressed with what I saw at the Walsingham High School voting booth in South Mumbai. Orderly lines, helpful volunteers and fast, efficient voting marked the day in this corner of the bustling Maharashtrian capital city. Reporting live right next to the polling booth was an absolute breeze. I had the privilege of running into one of the most singular candidates India has probably ever had. Forget going door-to-door, Gaurav Sharma, 31, campaigned from window to window! An independent candidate running for the Lok Sabha from South Mumbai, he decided to dress like a man with extraordinary powers, the superhero Spider-Man.

Popping his head into a window after scaling a building, he asked startled residents to vote for him. I asked him by yelling my lungs out from ground...



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