15 April, 2021

Mukesh Khanna

Shaktimaan defends himself against reports of kids killing themselves for him

Mukesh Khanna
Do you own moral responsibility for these?
As a superhero, Shaktimaan has a certain responsibility which I express through messages at the end of each episode. But I'm not very convinced of these reports.

Why this disbelief?
A uni or pti report isn't the unquestionable truth. The Globe Detective Agency appointed by me has found some reports to be false, others have been imagined.

Who has imagined these?
I have three suspects but at this point I don't want to go into it.

Is there a conspiracy?
I think so. Within the first 15 episodes, Shaktimaan became the first Indian superhero. I get 50,000 letters every week. There are bound to be people unhappy with such success.

Do you think the flying and fighting might have affected some kids?
When I read that a child burnt himself with kerosene thinking Shaktimaan will appear, I was surprised. Burning oneself is a very adult thing. A kid will never do it.

Have these recent developments damaged your reputation in any way?

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