24 July, 2021

Mukesh Anand's Aim Is To Repay The Debt To India's Wounded Soldiers

Mukesh Anand's Aim Is To Repay The Debt To India's Wounded Soldiers
Heal the world, make it a better place..." crooned Michael Jackson not too long ago. Taking the cue from the number, 50-year-old Mukesh Anand has made it his calling in life. He yearns to make this a better place to live in for the disabled soldiers of the Indian army. His mission - to tell them that we care, that the nation cares for them.

Says this Rotarian and Mico dealer from Jabalpur: "To be disabled is to be beset with problems. And when our soldiers don't bat an eyelid before they lay down their life, we as a nation owe our sincerest thanks to them. We salute them and Mission Healing Touch, Vijay II is my tribute to all our soldiers in the army who have sacrificed their promising future for the sake of the country."

Set up in 1999, Anand's Mission plans to set up around 5,000 dealership booths in villages across the country by the end of this year, which would then be given exclusively to the wounded soldiers to manage. "We plan to set up about 15 booths every month and we are starting with some villages in western UP and Haryana. These 6'/4'...

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