27 February, 2021

More White To The Flags

Now the key is: mutual understanding and acceptance of realities. No one is forcing, or should force, the Nagas to act against their will. But the Nagas too seek development, technology, investments, securities and opportunities for a better life—as

More White To The Flags

THE ceasefire between the Isac Muivah faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN I-M)—the dominant rebel group—and the Indian security forces has just completed a year and, as far as the Government of India is concerned, is being extended beyond July 31. This is to be welcomed and is entirely consistent with the growing desire of all the Naga peoples and, indeed, the people of the Northeast for peace and development. The Naga ho-hos (tribal assemblies) and United Naga Council have, among others, favoured its extension.

The ceasefire has worked by and large, though there have been armed clashes resulting in casualties between the two rival NSCN factions as the I-M group has sought to extend its influence in the Tuensang area which the Khaplang group claims as its turf. The NSCN(K) isn't a direct party to the ceasefire but has held to its position that it will not attack the security forces.

The ceasefire with the NSCN (I-M) was meant to be a prelude to a political dialogue that, it was hoped, might lead to a...

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