01 August, 2021

More Than Any Other Living

A ‘noble’ profession is a heavy cross to bear. Many doctors take it as a credo.

More Than Any Other Living

Among the many cliches that suffocate us is the one about medicine being a ‘noble’ profession. But this well-worn cliche has more than an element of truth. We may accept mediocrity, the need to make money, even corruption from any other professional other than a doctor. When it comes to a physician, however, we expect him to be not only an outstanding professional, but also be humane. In other words, we expect him to be the noble doctor who will care and heal.

I have often heard the argument that doctors are no better than other professionals, and that they too are out there to make money. Of cou­rse, they too have to make a living—they have families to support and clinics to run, for which they need money. But that apart, it is ridiculous to imagine that anyone becomes a doctor with anything other than the noble thought that they want to alleviate...

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