11 May, 2021

Moopanar: A Second Shot At Delhi

Moopanar: A Second Shot At Delhi

HAD Laloo Yadav not opposed his candidature and had the United Front backed him, then Moopanar could well have been the prime minister instead of Gujral. This time round the TMC chief may fancy his chances since the DMK has formally announced that it would retain its alliance with Moopanar's party. Though listed as a wannabe, the TMC chief has very clearly stated that he does not aspire for prime ministership. But when the crown is offered to him can he refuse?

Moopanar—regarded as a strong contender for the prime minister's post when the UF came to power—has never held a ministerial post. Neither has he thrown his hat into the ring for the chief ministership of his home state. Almost all through his political career he has been recognised as a very keen organisation man. While in the Congress, he was one of the longest serving general secretaries that the party ever had. His supporters hope that his standing in Tamil politics will help the DMK-TMC combine sweep the polls in Tamil Nadu. And, Karunanidhi and Chandrababu Naidu willing, Moopanar stands a good...

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