24 July, 2021

Moloy Ghosh

The man who left his corporate job to redigitise old and rare records, on his vocation and the importance of preserving lost music.

Moloy Ghosh

Why did you decide to change careers after 11 years in a multinational?

I had Hepatitis B and had to leave it. With no other prospects, I started teaching classical music which led me to converting LPs of rare music into CDs as a career.

What were the challenges you faced in such a unique career?

Apart from procuring the initial capital, matching the cost of easily available audios is the biggest challenge. Few understand the large skill set and time required to eliminate pops and hisses in the audio.

Have you approached the government or the entertainment industry for support?

Initially, when I was low on finances, I had approached Jawhar Sircar, then secretary, ministry of culture, and worked with AIR for a year.

What kind of response have you received?

Most so-called music lovers would prefer to download a song for free, even if the audio quality is bad. Barring a few connoisseurs, most are only price-sensitive.

How did you develop an...

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