31 July, 2021

Molotov On Mandovi

The Russian mafia has barged into Goa, running its arms and drug trade freely

Kedar Bhat
Molotov On Mandovi
The Red Syndicate's Tentacles

Indian security agencies are concerned about the Russian mafia's invasion
  • The mafia is buying huge tracts of land in Goa, Delhi, Maharashtra through benami companies
  • Intelligence feedback is that the Russian mafia is buying land to set up base for running its arms and drugs trade
  • Goa, with its poor policing, lax administration is currently the most favoured destination
  • There are fears that the Russian pockets of influence could serve as safe havens for international criminals and terrorists.
  • Millions of dollars of slush funds are being routed into the country through hawala channels to fund mafia operations.

"The flow of unverifiable investments from tax havens such as Mauritius, Cyprus, Cayman Islands and also from criminal groups operating from other countries poses a security threat to our economy. It has been noticed that the Russian mafia has invested large sums in real estate projects in Goa. It...

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