18 June, 2021

Moin Khan

Despite our playing talent we lack that vital something in the head.

Illustration by Saahil
Moin Khan

Flying back home from Sydney. Earlier than expected. Should be with the team which I had selected for the World Cup but Allah willed otherwise. In this case, though, the Pakistan cricket Board (PCB) was more to blame. Pakistan cricket is unique, you wish to do something for the team and you end up thrown out. You could be a senior or junior player, captain, coach or manager, that is the story. We suffered two losses, but the one against India was unacceptable. My days being numbered, I thought of a new off-the-pitch strategy because on the pitch we play like schoolkids. Why not adopt the James Bond strategy? Not shooting down your opponents but adopting strategies from the card games. I am just a mediocre cards player but from the Bond books I learnt a lot. But one of the experts told me I had to watch lots of card games and learn from them. This was not possible at home where even the possession of a pack of cards could send you to jail. In Australia, I could gamble without fear or watch card games and learn from them. I chose a casino which also ser­ved food and was...

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