28 September, 2020

Mohandas, In Modern Times

A war on terrorism, for Gandhi, would be the same terrorism

Mohandas, In Modern Times
India enjoys a curious image of non-violence worldwide. I say curious only because the Indian nation-state is no different from any other national entity in the pursuit of its self-interests in the international arena, defending its borders, and maintaining civil order by military means, when necessary. India has been engaged militarily on the Pakistan and China borders; it sent troops to Sri Lanka, and tested nuclear devices.

Still, the mantle of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and the largely peaceful tenor of India's independence movement have created the impression that India is a non-violent nation. It's an image India can use to its advantage, especially in the current climate of geopolitics where resurgent cultural politics is associated with violence. India's economic strength makes it a power with which most nations must reckon. Its pacifist tradition can consequently give it the moral authority to be a mediator between immoderate violent forces.

In fact, Gandhi's views about violent struggle were sharpened in response to a...


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