15 May, 2021

Modi's Quantum Leap

If we can get Muslims in Gujarat to stand up and live again with all the rights of an Indian citizen, you'll not have "done nothing".

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Modi's Quantum Leap
Gujarat's chief minister is an expert in physics and how its theories can be applied to our lives. His ignoble, etched-in-the-history-of-tyranny quote, "A reaction is bound to follow action" will come to haunt him some day. Now let me apply a little bit of physics on this learned man. In physics, the behaviour of individual atoms is dictated by quantum mechanics, but quantum effects are so small they are not easily detected. However, the atoms that initially appear separate seem to become correlated to one another as the temperature is reduced. The complete assembly of atoms, instead of being quite random, then appears to act as a single unit whose behaviour as a single entity is determined by quantum mechanics.

Need I explain? Who are the individual atoms? The goons who have unleashed a carnage in Gujarat, the bureaucrats and politicians who have covered up, the police who have aided and abetted the murderers and the useless, inactive, colluding central government. All are separate atoms, yet correlated to each other and then appear to act as a single entity, determined by...

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