14 May, 2021

Modi's Gujarat

Belying all talk of a counter-wave, the BJP mascot wins with aplomb More Coverage

T. Narayan
Modi's Gujarat
Now that the deed is done and the battle's lost and won, it is clear that the hero of the day is Narendra Modi. The margin of his win is so huge and emphatic that it has upset all political calculations, both in the Congress and even in the BJP. As the faithful parivar cadre sees it, the age of Hindutva is again dawning bright and clear. The huge victory margin will undoubtedly change the BJP's future strategy and impact hugely on national politics. As the Congress must introspect, it cannot hope to win an election by chasing the BJP's tail. If the electorate wants Hindutva, it'll go for the real thing. And the Gujarat electorate has opted for the hard line practiced by Modi.

Modi's victory is so large that it has ironically upset many of the calculations of the BJP's central leadership. A victorious but tamed Modi would have been easier for the high command to handle. But having notched up the only conclusive BJP win in recent years, Modi will now be unstoppable. As BJP treasurer Ramdas Agarwal, who had also handled Gujarat, says, "The victory is beyond anyone's...
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