12 June, 2021

Modi Still Alone At The Top

Popularity surveys suggest no opposition leader on his or her own can challenge Modi in 2019. Here are the implications.

Modi Still Alone At The Top

One big political question that is being asked these days is who could challenge PM Narendra Modi in 2019. All opposition parties are making desperate ­efforts to form an anti-Modi front at the national level to prevent a BJP victory.  There are hurdles, of course, in moving forward to form this alliance, the biggest being the question of who would lead it. The political parties may be still contemplating on this issue, but the answer seems to be quite straightforward: among the leaders of the ­opposition parties, there is nobody who can pose a challenge to Modi in 2019 solely on the basis of his or her own popularity.

Even though there has been some decline in Modi’s popularity, as is evident from recent surveys conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, he still remains far more popular than any leader of the opposition parties.


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