24 June, 2021

'MLAs Should Select Their Leader'

"Maintaining peace was our USP. But Atalji and Advaniji had to express their regret after the record was tarnished."

'MLAs Should Select Their Leader'
Former Gujarat chief minister Keshubhai Patel is an unhappy man. Not only because he lost his chief ministership to Narendra Modi, but also because he believes that all is not well with the state BJP. He condemns communalism but also adds that the issue of caste politics cannot be ignored in an interview to Outlook. Excerpts:

What will be the political implications of the Godhra, post-Godhra and Akshardham incidents?
These events can't be analysed in one breath. The implications will be felt in many spheres for long. More than politics, they will have an adverse impact on the economy and socio-cultural relationships. But these events are aberrations.

What will be the impact of communal politics?
Communalism is condemnable, whatever form it's in. The BJP's policy has been "appeasement of none and justice to all". We should abide by it. Collectively, all the events have dented the pace of development. But now, mature and pragmatic that they are, Gujaratis are making a comeback.

Both L.K. Advani and BJP chief...

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