25 June, 2021

Mixed Shots

Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

Be Aware
Fine arts students in Jabalpur hold a sparrow cut-out on World Sparrow Day, March 20. The once-ubiquiotous bird is becoming almost extinct in urban India.
Mixed Shots

The Mask Unmasked

Some things are more contagious than the coronavirus. Like not wearing a mask in public. Here’s the deal. Anyone caught without adequate facial covering would be fined Rs 5,000 in Una district, Himachal Pradesh. That’s too stiff a penalty to escape a debate in the state assembly. Congress leader Mukesh Agnihotri demanded the amount slashed. To this, party colleague Harshwardhan Chauhan asked the speaker to punish CM Jai Ram Thakur for not wearing a mask in the assembly. Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar was all ears without a mask and Chauhan, for his part, had pulled his cover down to the chin to speak—a fault that didn’t escape the assembly’s eyes. Laughter echoed inside the Vidhan Sabha.

The Zoo Zoom

Chimps at two Czech zoos are providing a moment of levity to a pandemic- and Zoom-fatigued world. They are in fact starting to enjoy their...

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