23 April, 2021

Mixed Shots

Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

Looking Back in Piety
Television actress Ekta Jain, dressed as Lord Shiva, makes her way to a film set in Mumbai.
Mixed Shots

Suck Your Coffee

Cafes across several Gulf Arab states started selling coffee and other cold drinks in baby bottles this March, kicking off a new trend that has elicited excitement—and backlash. The fad began at Einstein Cafe, a dessert chain with branches across the region, from Dubai to Kuwait. Instead of ordinary paper cups, the cafe, inspired by pictures of trendy-looking bottles shared on social media, decided to serve its thick milky drinks in plastic baby bottles. The franchise was no newcomer to baby-themed products—a milkshake with Cerelac, the rice cereal for infants, is a long-standing bestseller. People of all ages streamed on to sidewalks, waiting for their chance to suck coffee and juice from a plastic bottle. Some patrons even brought their own baby bottles to other cafes, pleading with bewildered baristas to fill them up!

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