15 June, 2021

Mixed Shots

Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

The Gateway of India in Mumbai, off limits since the Covid-lockdown this summer, reopened for visitors.
Mixed Shots

Moo Science

Cow chips couldn’t have a-moo-sed scientists more! Here’s how—Vallabhbhai Kathiria, chairman of the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, said recently that keeping cow dung cake at home reduces harmful radiation. And there’s a dung ‘chip’ that can be placed on a cellphone to cut radiation from the device. Sounds as awkward as a cow on roller skates, but since so much is going around Bos Indicus lately, a question springs up: Is he inflating a cow? Curious scientists—more than 600—have written to Kathiria seeking answers for such unremarkable things: where and when were experiments conducted? Who were the investigators? Where were the findings published?

Holding On, No. 9

Those tin and rotund...

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