27 February, 2021

Mixed Shots

Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

Illustration by Saahil
Mixed Shots

A Traumatic Moo-ve?

Indian cows have one more reason to be jealous of their Swiss cousins. The latter not only get to eat grass instead of plastic and trash salad, but also enjoy free helicopter rides. An injured cow luxuriated in this privilege as she could not walk down the Klausen Pass with the thousand other cows in her herd. The migration to the lower Alps is an annual event called Bodenfahrt. A farmer said the experience may have been traumatic for the cow, though in photos, she seems to be enjoying the lovely alpine view. Hopefully, next year cows won’t start faking injuries to get a joyride. A cow’s-eye view of the Alps, anyone?

Freedom To…Infect

Coronavirus might have wreaked havoc on India, but at least we could take comfort in the fact that we did not have anti-mask covidiots. Not anymore though. A video has surfaced of five people...

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