25 February, 2021

Mixed Shots

Mixed Shots

Comet Neowise is streaking past Earth, providing a stunning nighttime show after buzzing the sun and expanding its tail. Its nucleus has material dating back to our solar system’s origin 4.6 billion years ago.

Delicious, Flaky, Airy…Mask

If you are bored of Malabar, chilly, kothu and Ceylon parottas, there is a new culinary creation to keep you sated—mask parottas. K.L. Kumar of Madurai, famous as a ‘parotta master’, has created one in the shape of a mask! As only takeaway orders are allowed, he displays the ‘mask’ to customers before packing it. He makes it like a Ceylon parotta—a soft, sticky dough is thinly rolled and then folded in layers to form many air pockets. With the dish, Kumar hopes to encourage the use of masks and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now if only somebody would invent a mask burger to cajole the people in the US protesting against protection. 

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