29 September, 2020

Mistake After Mistake

The Congress' criticism of the war in Kargil-ill-timed, in bad taste and for a doubtful purpose-will boomerang

Mistake After Mistake

Is it possible that the Congress party does not understand the damage it is doing to itself by harping on the failure of intelligence and the weaknesses and inadequacies in the armed forces exposed by the war in Kargil? Or is it that, having made its first mistake when it opposed President's rule in Bihar, the party is now locked into a course for self-destruction? On balance, the second seems the more likely. When it brought down the Vajpayee government, the Congress had no inkling that there was a war around the corner. It had even less of an inkling that India would win this war and, what's more, do so with time to spare before the next election. But it does remember what victory in '71 did for the Congress vote in the December '72 state assembly elections. It is therefore in a panic and that panic has clouded its collective mind. The fact that the cwc now contains at most three or four people who retain a mass base and are thus sensitive to what their voters feel may also have contributed to its insensitivity.

For, what it seems to have forgotten...



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