28 October, 2020

‘Mistah Kurtz... He Dead’

There’s no news like old news in the Andamans

Swapan Nayak
‘Mistah Kurtz... He Dead’

Now that we’ve forgotten about the Andamans again, I wish someone could tell me what the fuss was all about. As far as I could tell a British journalist went to do the stock piece on the well-known phenomenon of ‘Jarawa safari’ tourism, paid his money, saw the tribal show and acquired a somewhat dated video of the same.

Then he followed the usual protocol for all European journalists doing this story: got a stern quote from Survival International, the British ‘Movement for Tribal Peoples’—which means a free pass through the ethical thicket of trespassing on the Jarawa while complaining about tourist incursions. There was an unsubstantiated allegation that...



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