10 May, 2021

Mission Electrification

As the future goes electric, will ‘petrolheads’ lose more than their name in the bargain, or does a squadron of sporty EVs already wait in the wings?

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Mission Electrification

Set to be launched in 2019, the Mission E is the first Porsche that is an all-electric, all-wheel drive sports car, generating more than 600 hp with the ability to cross 500 km ­before a charger-stop. Porsche  is one of the pio­neers of a new technology that uses an 800-volt system instead of the more common 400-volt ­technology. This means a lower weight due to thinner cables, faster ­charging times and therefore the ability to cover a longer distance with shorter breaks. And most ­significantly, the car will be ready for 80 per cent of its range with just 15 minutes of charging.

The Mission E is just one example of the ­phaenomenon of the spo­rty side of driving ­being fully engaged with new developments and ­advancing technology in the world of electric cars, even as research is ­underway to achieve ­better well-to-wheel ­efficiency and red­uce emissions (in the case of hybrids), and infrastructure is being reinforced to make charging points a universal sight.

Even in its everyday...

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