25 November, 2020

Missed Opportunity

India erred in not crossing the LoC, writes Lt Gen Moti Dar in his essay in Guns and Yellow Roses. A former vice-chief of army staff, he saw action in '71 and was also brigade major at Kargil in '67-70.

Missed Opportunity

THERE is a saying, "War is the mother of lies," and there is yet another saying, "Truth is the first casualty of war." These two sayings have been amply illustrated during the recent Kargil war— a war that should never have happened. However, as war did take place and it captivated the entire nation for two months, there is a need to assess it objectively and to get to the truth even if, like peeling an onion layer by layer, it takes time to get to the core.

Unfortunately, because of the general elections in the country, there was a perceptible slide from nationalism to jingoism and all critical discussion on the political and military causes of the war, the accountability of the government, intelligence agencies and the defence services was sought to be silenced by the injunction that no one should belit-tle the sacrifices of the "heroes of Kargil". Thus, an impression was created by the government and some parties that anyone who was critical of the conduct of the war was anti-national. The services too consider criticism of their organisation and leadership as "not in...



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