20 June, 2021

Mirror On A Full Moon

This Q and A book allows Waheeda Rehman to show her personas—as actress, star, Everywoman, luminous beauty

Mirror On A Full Moon

Thank God, Waheeda deci­ded to do this book and Nasreen Munni Kabir persuaded her where many others have failed. The Q and A format, carrying Wah­eeda’s responses verbatim, works, and in the process, we have a portrait of an actress of rare dignity and grace, who through her career refused to act like a star, despite being one of the biggest and most successful actresses of her time.

The book is elegantly produced, with some rare photos, recalling to mind the quiet beauty and professionalism that Waheeda brought to her films. The questions lead from her childhood, where Waheeda shares some little known facts about her parents, especially her father, who was in the IAS. Memories of happy times, when the family went on picnics, when her father went on deer hunting expeditions with his friends, dissolve as the pages turn to cover her early years as a dancing star after her father’s sudden death, getting ‘discovered’ by Guru Dutt, and her moving to Bombay to join his production unit to act in his films.

When Waheeda says she believes...

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