20 September, 2020

Mine Is Bigger

So why exactly did Mayawati’s statues evoke such ire?

AFP (From Outlook 09 December 2013)
Mine Is Bigger

October and November have been the months of big-ticket items which we’ve been told to be proud of. While one of these, a mission to Mars, is simply out of this world, the other is not quite so. The proposed statue of Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel will be the tallest in this world. At 182 metres, this Statue of Unity will be able to look down upon the Statue of Liberty, standing at a mere 93 metres. Calls for unity have always cast a long shadow on liberty. Nothing exceptional there. This latter source of ‘national’ pride will, however, be built by a non-swadeshi consortium—muscular MNCs from the US and Australia. The project cost: Rs 2,500 crore.

The primary legatee of Patel’s political stature was the Indian National Congress. But ever since the Panditain split the party in 1967, the successor party has been very selective about its pantheon: the political leg­acies of many erstwhile Congressite stalwarts with the wrong surnames have gone largely unclai­med, till Narendrabhai really upped the ante by trying to stand on...



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