30 July, 2021

Mind The Drill

A scathing report on the pro-business land takeover policy ...and it’s official too

Nilotpal Baruah
Mind The Drill

The Daisy Cutters

  • A government report critical of the land acquisition policies in rural India
  • Says cycle of growing lawlessness, poverty, violence is a natural outcome of state’s neo-liberal economic agenda
  • Amendments altering protective laws to attract private investment has further marginalised the poor
  • Report slams state patronage of Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh


Once upon a time “the temples of modern India reduced millions of tribal people to ecological refugees”; now “the minerals seen as the building blocks of modern India” are putting them “at risk of losing their land through acquisition and further disruption of their societies and economies”. No, that’s no dire warning  from some rights activist but, significantly, a part of a government report, ‘

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