27 February, 2021

Milworm Bites BARC

How did teenagers break into the BARC computer network? Could it happen again?

Milworm Bites BARC

INDIA has learnt its first lesson in global cyber-warfare: even a Nuclear Weapon State is vulnerable. The first known cyber-attack on this country occurred last week when specific computer systems were targeted in protest against the May 11 and 13 nuclear tests. And the attackers involved were not nation-states but groups of pimply-faced teenagers from around the globe.

  •  A group of three teenage hackers broke into computer systems at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Trombay. They claim to have obtained data and e-mail on the recent tests, and destroyed all data in at least two of the eight servers at BARC.

  •  And several computer networks on the countrywide network, ERNET, that connects most of the academic institutions, have been reportedly broken into by various other groups of hackers as many as three times in the last fortnight.

    Officially, BARC denies having lost any "sensitive" data. But there is a sense of nervousness about the booty the hackers decamped with. And about the ease with which they achieved...

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