22 June, 2021

Michael Day

The chairman of Tiger Trust, a pressure group, foresees the Indian tigers extinction

Michael Day
What makes you think that the Indian tiger will be extinct?
My report proves that there is a poaching epidemic. The nation is facing a tiger crisis and the Indian Government has admitted that.

What is the male-female ratio of tigers killed?
See, the poacher is indifferent to the sex of the tiger. If he leaves poison, he can kill either a male or a female tiger. And both are harmful for the survival of the species.

But what is the World Wide Fund for Nature in India doing?
The system is in complete turmoil and nothing seems to be happening.

Or, is it that the WWF is unaware ?
Not at all. There are three possible explanations for the state of affairs. Either they are incompetent, or they aren't trying hard enough, or they don't care.

What is the state of Project Tiger?
It is in complete disarray. There is no coordination of anti-poaching programming.

With the situation being so bad, who gains?
The Chinese are laughing and saying that we are a nation of traders. After all,...

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