17 June, 2021

Men (Not) At Work

Idling too earns them wages. It's a nasty relapse of an old Left habit.

Madhu Kapparath
Men (Not) At Work
All Pay, No Work

Here's why the ruling CPI(M) in Kerala wants to rein in its labour force:
  • Cases of workers charging money without doing work is on the rise
  • Even strategic organisations like the VSSC and the Kochi port are not spared
  • Labour leaders have to be paid before trucks are allowed into their premises
  • Instances of unions demanding money even when cranes are used to lift 80-tonne loads
  • Labour trouble has repelled prospective investors from the state
  • Senior CPI(M) leaders say that unfair practices by labour unions must stop


The trade union movement in Kerala has largely thrived on blessings from the Communist parties. Ironically, the ruling CPI(M)-led front in the state today is facing problems from the very institution it nurtured. Worker's unions have crossed all limits by making it a practice to demand money for work they are not doing. They call it 'nokku kooli', or wages for...

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