25 February, 2021

Memory What?

The wonder drug's claim to fame is based on experiments on rats

Memory What?

TIRED of making things-to-do notes daily and not remembering where you kept them? Frustrated with cramming all night for tomorrow's examination and then blanking out? Upset over not being able to read more than two pages at a time? In short, suffering from brain fatigue? Not to worry. Memory Plus is here. Sounds like an advertisement by a roadside vendor hawking traditional panacea? Well, it might have been had it not been endorsed by Minister of State for Science and Technology, Y.K. Alagh, (he exhorted all parliamentarians to pop the memory joggers daily). Researched and developed by the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow, and priced at Rs 6 per capsule, Memory Plus promises benefits such as rejuvenating the brain cells during an examination or memory enhancing powers.

The so-called wonder drug, however, is nothing but the concentrated extract of the age-old, ayurvedic medicinal plant Brahmi, traditionally used to boost anything from a failing memory to fading virility. Says V.P. Kambhoj, director CDRI: "Memory Plus is not new....

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