13 June, 2021

Melbourne Ultimatum

Australia denies it's racist, but why the spate of recent attacks on Indian students?

Melbourne Ultimatum

Education In Australia

  • Indians account for one-fifth of the 4,15,000 foreign students in Australia
  • More than half of these are in Victoria, whose capital Melbourne is where most of the recent attacks have been reported from
  • Indian students are important for Australia's education sector, its third-largest export earner (after coal and iron) which generated Au $15.5 billion in 2008
  • About 30 per cent of foreign students study in mainstream universities which have adequate security; others in smaller institutes, some mere shopfronts, are more vulnerable
  • India needs to crack down on agents who lure students to enrol in shopfront institutes


It’s incredible how the beast called racism suddenly springs out of nowhere, to feast on the non-white ‘outsider’, as it has been doing regularly in the past month in Australia. Ask 25-year-old Baljinder Singh, a Haryana lad come to study at the Australian Institute of...

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