25 February, 2021

Meeruthiya Gangsters

The rough, the raw and the ribald are eng­agingly portrayed

Meeruthiya Gangsters

Starring: Jaideep Ahlawat, Aakash Dahiya, Vansh Bhardwaj, Shadab Kamal, Jatin Sarna, Chandrachoor Rai
Directed by Zeishan Qadri
Rating: ***

There is a reason why Uttar Pradesh is called ulta pradesh. Everything here has a way of going topsy turvy. Even crime has a habit of going off-the-mark. Meeruthiya Gangsters, despite the stylistic hat tip to Tarantino and familiar gangster film cliches, works mainly because it is so well rooted in West Ulta Pradesh. The acute sense of locale lifts it above banalities; its real feel goes way beyond just getting the ostentatious Noida homes and ubiquitous Jain Shikanji stalls right. Meerut, the next door neighbour of Delhi-NCR, keeps coming into the capital and going back. It comes for work in chartered buses and trains during the week and in cars to infiltrate the malls on Delhi’s fringes on weekends....

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