01 August, 2021

Medicine Byte By Byte

It's about bringing the doctor and the medicines to the doorsteps of the rural poor, via the Internet

Medicine Byte By Byte
Perfect health, they say, is today just a click away. For the city-slickers, perhaps, but for rural India, computers are still a far-fetched cure for ill health. Besides, erratic or no net connectivity doesn’t help. In this scenario, naysayers argue online healthcare may in fact take a more circuitous and tedious route to reach villages.

They may be proved wrong, if Rishi Pal Chauhan and Steven Rudolph’s dream project takes wings. The founder-directors of Jiva Institute, a social enterprise based in Faridabad, Haryana, Chauhan and Rudolph have designed a unique teledoc project using leading-edge technologies to deliver traditional healthcare to India’s rural poor. "It’s simple," says Chauhan, an engineer with a high-profile job in New York before he quit to come back to India and teamed up with friend Rudolph, an educationist based in Japan. Explains Chauhan: "Our field representatives take diagnostic information from patients using specially designed mobile phones to transmit information on the net to a central database. Doctors at the Jiva Ayurvedic health centre in...

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