24 July, 2021

McCann A Scapegoat?

McCann A Scapegoat?

SO Coke has set the cat among the pigeons and shifted its Rs 50-crore ad account. I say 50 because that's the largest figure my poor brain can adjust to. One of the nicer side-effects of this will be hours of speculation in ad agencies and marketing departments across the land: Whose fault was it? How did Chaitra Leo Burnett swing it? Why didn't they call us? So where did McCann screw up?

The answer that a lot of admen will subscribe to, is, they didn't. That it's basically been a marketing failure, with McCann as the scapegoat. Most of us have been at the receiving end of this at some time or the other. For beleaguered TNC marketing people, changing agencies is a relatively painless way of demonstrating that Steps Are Being Taken. The only discomfort is the accusing eyes of weeping, betrayed agency people. In all fairness, though, there have also been management changes at Coke, so they don't seem to be taking this rather simple-minded position. Which obviously means that McCann messed up, right? Their ads just weren't good enough.


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