14 June, 2021

MBA Or MSc: A Round-Up Of Needs And Natures Of Business Education Around The World

Globally, an MBA degree tends to require work experience, and is seen as improving managerial abilities.

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MBA Or MSc: A Round-Up Of Needs And Natures Of Business Education Around The World
In India, it has almost become a necessity to “do an MBA”, driven by a perception that it is necessary to have an MBA to get a good start in your career. This has led to a proliferation of business schools, as well as to global institutes targeting the Indian student. Many Indian students are applying to international business schools. While this is mostly for masters level MBA courses, some are bachelors level students. Business programmes can be looked at 2 levels: 1) Bachelors programmes and 2) Masters programmes. A foreign Bachelors in business is not likely to give a student the kind of edge that she is looking for in terms of job prospects. In the UK, studying business is like any other subject in the Arts. Companies in the UK bel­ieve in training natural ability, and hire based on tests and interviews. Other countries fall between the two types of recruitment, where the degree helps, but isn’t the key to success. Finally, be mindful that even at an undergraduate level, business degrees cost more. Read Also: Planning To Study In The US? Here's A List Of Well-Known Education Hubs Top International Colleges RankName of College / UniversityCity/StatecountryCourse Length 1 INSEAD Fontainebleau France 1 year 2 Stanford University Paolo Alto, California USA 2 years 3 Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 2 years 4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 2 years 5 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Pasadena, California USA 2 years 6 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois USA 2 years 7 London Business School London UK 2 years 8 IE Business School Madrid Spain 1 year 9 Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey USA 2 years 10 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA 2 years 11 Columbia University New York USA 2 years 12 University of Cambridge Cambridge UK 1 year 13 University of Oxford Oxford UK 1 year 14 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut USA 2 years 15 Johns Hopkins University  Baltimore, Maryland USA 2 years 16 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Berkeley, California USA 2 years 17 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois USA 2 years 18 CEIBS Shanghai China 1.5 years 19 Duke University  Durham, North Carolina USA 2 years 20 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan USA 2 years 21 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  Los Angeles, California USA 2 years 22 Cornell University  Ithaca, New York USA 2 years 23 National University of Singapore Singapore Singapore 1.5 years 24 Peking University Beijing China 2 years 25 New York University New York USA 2 years 26 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China 14 months 27 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA 2 years 28 Tsing Hua University Beijing China 21 months 29 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore Singapore 1 year 30 Hong Kong University of Science...