30 July, 2021

'MBA Degree Is Evolving, Only Those Who Upgrade Their Skills Will Thrive'

A keen sense of emerging trends in business ­education is crucial in choosing the right course

Photograph by Amit Haralkar
'MBA Degree Is Evolving, Only Those Who Upgrade Their Skills Will Thrive'

The belief that “doing an MBA” is necessary for a good career is so strong in India that people blindly pursue it without analysing whether the belief is true or not. In reality, only a certain proportion of people with an MBA get into managerial positions, and most of the rest get jobs that would have been filled efficiently by graduates, in another time or place. This has also led to an oversupply of underqualified MBAs who enter the workforce without any experience, and similar in performance to an undergraduate. For better prospects, many asp­irants would find it useful to work for a while before going in for an MBA. And they need to be careful in choosing where to study.

Economic headwinds over the next two years will be high, with growth and jobs likely to be constrained. So how does an aspirant choose what to do and where to do it? It makes sense to look at trends in business education, and the kinds of gaps that will exist in the job market. The MBA or business degree is also evolving. The early MBA degrees that started in the US derived their...

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