28 October, 2020

Mayawati’s Nth Statue

We will be sending a petition to Mr Quraishi requesting him to cover all statues across north India during the winter months...

Illustration by Sorit
Mayawati’s Nth Statue

I know humans believe that statues don’t speak. But statues know better. Luckily for folks of my ilk, cast in stone, we now have our own Dr Dolittle. He’s known in our world as Dr Domore and has the remarkable ability to communicate (actually speak to us). He honed his skills at the secret Stonespeak University run by a clutch of sculptors and architects in New York. Now, don’t even try to search for the institution on a map because it’s not listed. Stonespeak has no campus and the faculty and handful of students meet in a corner of Central Park to exchange notes and bubble gum. Incidentally, it also runs a short-term course on gathering moss with a rolling stone and even invited Mick Jagger to guest-lecture. But he refused because he didn’t like the mask the university sent him to disguise himself.

Now, Dr Domore, who hails from western India, is currently in UP, interacting with all of us. Which is how this diary became possible in the first place. Naturally, we statues are all happy he’s here,...



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