24 July, 2021

May The Game Prevail Over Parallax Errors

World Cups are where goals are immortalised and stars anointed. Durable controversies also add to the aura.

May The Game Prevail Over Parallax Errors

You can tell that we have reached the business end of the World Cup when tears and recriminations reach a fever pitch. Yet, interestingly, not all the tears came from players and spectators. A fair amount of waterworks poured forth from the tabloids. If last week’s recriminations were about France and Italy’s coaches and the “galacticos”, the news on this week’s sour grapevine was about officials, and the stars whose visages sell us everything from deodorant to sports gear. Apparently, we ordinary men need this stuff to score, but these products don’t work equally well for all stars.

In the eight knockout games, many a World Cup dream was extinguished. Dreams die harder when expectations are raised. This was the case amongst the supporters of all 16 teams in round two, whose fans began to dream of what two wins might bring—at the very least, a possible top four finish. And so, we saw heartbreak expressed in many languages at stadia and fan parks across South Africa. American fans grieved as Ghana...

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