14 June, 2021

Matt Preston

The food critic and Masterchef Australia jury member was recently in India to meet fans

Matt Preston

What brings you here?

The barrage of tweets from Indian fans made me realise Masterchef Australia is an equally big hit in India. The chance to interact with 2,50,000 plus fans brought me here.

How do you view food in the Indian context?

Indian food was an essential part of my growing up in London. In India, good food means delicious food and there is always an emotional, familial element attached.

How has eating out evolved in India?

Indians travel so much more now that the isolation has disappeared. Chefs are experimenting like never before and India seems to be pollinating with ideas.

You have an intimidating on-screen persona, though face-to-face you are anything but...

Television takes 10% of who you are and blows it up. Also, for such a competition we have to make sure that the contestants take their job seriously and perform under pressure.

Did you follow Masterchef India ?

No, I liked the stylish...

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