07 May, 2021

Master Of Applied Common Sense

An IIM senior research associate returns to his village home—to think and act out of the box

Indian Express
Master Of Applied Common Sense
Effective governance, sustainable development, micro-economics. When such words are touted, debated and analysed in the seminar circuit, they rarely translate into action on the ground. But Naginbhai Patel, former senior research associate at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, is no armchair thinker. He believes that action speaks louder than words.

So when he called it a day at the iim, he decided to go back to his village, Maasar, some 45 km from Vadodara. Patel was not at all happy with what he saw: "I was pained to see the women of the village queuing up for drinking water from midnight till 2 am. That was the only time they got water. The reason was the low horsepower water pump. There was a tubewell, but it didn’t work," he recalls.

All his life, Patel abhorred politics. But he realised he had no alternative but to get into politics if he had to sort out Maasar’s problems. So he stood for elections and became the village sarpanch. Within eight months, Patel ensured there was regular water supply for six to seven hours every day.


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