31 July, 2021

‘Mask Up, There’s No Silver Bullet Yet’

‘Mask Up, There’s No Silver Bullet Yet’

India’s foremost cardiologist and chairman of super speciality hospital Medanta, Dr Naresh Trehan tells Satish Padmanabhan the rules we must follow as the country prepares to slowly ease the lockdown in many parts.

Now we will be entering a new phase when the lockdown is slowly lifted. What are the precautions to take at this stage?

The cardinal rules are, no matter what you are going to do, no matter where you are going to be, your level conscious awareness must become part of your life. That means you are aware about the distance, you are aware about the mask, about you wearing a mask and somebody else wearing a mask, if somebody else is not wearing a mask then stay away from them. Do sanitisation. At home protect those above 60 and below 10, be extra careful about them. Do not do unnecessary tasks till maybe another two or three months, till the rage is on and there is no treatment. The silver bullet is still not here.