29 September, 2020

Mark Knopfler

The legendary guitarist and vocalist of the rock group Dire Straits on his first tour of India.

Mark Knopfler
How was life after your accident?
It took me over a year of physiotherapy to recover. I was afraid I wouldn't play my guitar again.

Surprised at how popular you are here?
I am always surprised, especially in countries I've visited for the first time. I'm happy to know there are lots of people in India who like my music.

Boom, Like That is based on Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's. How did you think of writing a song on his life?
I read about his life and was fascinated. The lyrics are based on what he said about his business and work ethic.

Shangri-La, your new album, is said to be the softest, most sedate so far. Why is that?
I don't agree. I think it offers uptempo Dire Straits-like tracks and the softer sounds since Golden Heart.

What is it that inspires your songs?
Everything around me.

What are the favourite songs that you always play at concerts?
I have lots of favourites. I certainly play the popular Dire Straits tracks, Walk of Life, Money for Nothing,...


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