22 October, 2020

Maria Sharapova

I had made certain conditions to my hosts: Like no parading around in a sari. Suppose it comes off?

Illustration by Sorit
Maria Sharapova

Dear Diary, first day in Delhi. Coming from a quiet island holiday, the noise and crowds were a bit unnerving...but that is life. I had made certain conditions to my hosts before I agreed to this trip. Like no parading around in a sari. Suppose it comes off? I know Serena wore a sari during her Indian visit but I saw some of her photographs and so stuck to my decision. My hosts kept pressing on me  tandoori chicken and butter chicken but it was all too greasy. Then I remembered a recent list of the most popular snacks in the world. What was it, some ‘do...do...dosa’ I got it! Dosa. So soon I was served masala dosa, quite OK, but the fiery red sambar was too much for me. I think a dosa snack is ideal during tennis matches and I hope they serve it at Wimbledon along with those boring strawberries and cream.

And then facing the media! They labelled me ‘comeback queen’, you know the cycle—success-injury-success. Someone asked me about Sania Mirza and her comebacks...knee, ankle, back, wrist injuries and so on. I did not like this comparison....



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