02 August, 2021

Many Jackals On the Prowl

An IB assessment finds that the threat to Sonia Gandhi's life was real

Many Jackals On the Prowl
The Intelligence Bureau had carried out a thorough 'threat assessment' to Sonia Gandhi's life, and it had concluded she would have required "enhanced security" should she become prime minister. The IB view was that she would be the "target of attacks by fringe Hindu groups".

The strident xenophobic voices from some Hindu hardliners opposing her candidature over the last week forced the IB to go through an exhaustive drill detailing all the inherent dangers to Ms Gandhi and members of her immediate family. The agency felt that besides the SPG protection every prime minister has, extra precautions would have to be taken in her case because the voices against her taking on the prime ministerial job were getting "increasingly strident".

The volley of protests—starting with the outburst of the Adamar math seer, Vibhudhesha Tirtha Swamiji, exhorting his disciples to launch a second Quit India movement, to the VHP's pitch to recruit Mahatama Gandhi look-alikes and use them for "Sonia-bashing" and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj threatening to tonsure her head and drape...

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