06 December, 2020

Manu Joseph

Sanjay Rawat
Manu Joseph

From present day to....
When I was eighteen....
What I know now and you didn’t then....

  • A short story need not have a twist in the end.
  • Midnight’s Children is not the greatest book ever written.
  • Nationalism is a waste of time. Also, the fact is, contrary to your convictions, ancient Hindus did not discover the heliocentric theory.
  • Of course, there is love.
  • J. Krishnamurthy, if you look more closely, has not answered a single bloody question about life that he puts forward at the beginning of a sermon. What you like are his questions.
  • Just because there is a question it does not mean there is an answer.
  • You will be fine.
  • SK, your dearest friend, says that the world is an illusion and that there is a startling truth hiding in plain sight, he says all this not because he is very close to enlightenment but because he is in the early stages of something called schizophrenia.
  • SM likes you, you moron. Move.
  • ...


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