24 September, 2020

Mandal For The Soul

A Sringeri for each caste. Quasi-political OBC maths are proliferating.

Srikant Kolari
Mandal For The Soul
A Different Math
  • There are over 100 OBC maths now in Karnataka
  • They believe it brings a community together and will help them fight for their rights more effectively
  • As support increases, so does political, economic clout
  • Brahmin and Lingayat maths are promoting/creating new religious institutions for OBCs. Allegiance, of course, is the main issue.


Everyone's heard about OBCs and reservations. But an OBC math, what's that? Well, in Karnataka the backward castes have begun to feel empowered enough to start their own religious seminaries. In fact, there are close to a hundred such maths now in the state with communities of barbers, dhobis, gypsies, goldsmiths, carpenters, basket weavers, cobblers, shepherds and cowherds all getting their own. A man from among them even acts as pontiff or 'jagadguru'.

It's a unique sociological phenomenon for until recently the maths were a preserve of the Brahmin or Lingayat...


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