28 July, 2021

Man With A Capital 'M'

Finally, India got a leader who has given its people hope

Man With A Capital 'M'

Narendra Modi was always known to paint in bold strokes. His unstinting commitment to the idea of an economically vibrant India—a nation with the world’s highest growth rate, far from the old stereotype of a hesitant Third World laggard with sub-Saharan indices—comes from this capacity to think big, and then to follow it up with concerted, goal-oriented action. With demonetisation, he has sealed his reputation as a new-age warrior for the epoch. The new battles are fought with policy. On November 8, with a decision that would repaint our whole monetary landscape—a decision countless others would have dithered over—it became clear why his admirers invest him with the aura of men from the old fables, of titans from centuries long past. That’s the journey’s message, halfway.

All this was necessitated, of course, by the mess left behind by a decade-long Congress rule in the last instance—with the ageing, decaying and rudderless rent-seekers who pass for visionaries in their ranks. Not to speak of the pseudo-socialist ruling...

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