14 June, 2021

Man On The 37th Floor

How to go from a JNU jholawala to the TV tycoon who swung a $2.5 bn IPL deal

Photograph by Apoorva Salkade
Man On The 37th Floor
  • Rs 16,347.50 cr IPL media rights deal for 2018-22
  • Rs 91,000 cr STAR’s approx net worth*
  • 22-23% Network share among Indian broadcasters
  • 59 No. of STAR channels

*Source: Edelweiss, 2016


India’s most powerful television man describes himself as a ­“con­servative” and “somewhat bor­ing person”; he doesn’t like noise and crowds. Perhaps, that is why STAR India chairman-cum-CEO Uday Shankar has chosen a corner on the vast 37th floor, the highest occup­ied floor of the 39-storey sky­scraper in Mumbai, for his perso­nal chamber. But for all his gentle, soft-spoken air, his deals ­have a touch of bluster and bombast. He has turned around the STAR group of channels into one of the most profitable in the entertainment and sports business in India.

The jholawala-turned-TV honcho’s latest masterstroke is the...

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