03 August, 2021

Man Of War, Soldier Of Peace

Shimon Peres’s dream of reconciliation with Palestinians amid silent guns lies crushed. But resolving that main issue is integral to the Zionist dream.

Man Of War, Soldier Of Peace

At his funeral oration for Shimon Peres in September 2016, President Obama noted that he and Peres “...shared a love of words and books and history, and perhaps, like most politicians, we shared too a great joy in hearing ourselves talk....!” Peres talks thr­ough this book, part memoir and part biography, and his love for words and books and history becomes apparent.

Peres lived a life of action in the service of Israel for over six decades. He held every important position in the government and won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Yet in the mid-1990s, at the peak of his accomplishments, he described himself in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s words as “an unpaid dreamer”. “We are ending a decades-long history dominated by war, and embarking on an era in which the guns will stay silent while dreams flourish,” Peres continued to pursue his dream, but both Israel and the Palestinians, and Israel’s Arab neighbours, have moved on, and the guns have not stayed silent. In a curious way, Israel’s achievements—in which Peres looms...

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